Why Life Is All About Doing the Opposite of What Your Mind Says

To live an extraordinary life, you have to go beyond what you think you can do

Muhammad Fazal


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Your mind is a tool for survival; it’s not for productivity.

Your mind is never going to tell you to wake up early and act on your dreams. Instead, it will suggest choosing the easy option. It will indicate to sleep because you deserve it. You deserve a sugar candy.

But life is all about doing the opposite of what your mind says. Your mind will always suggest the things to do which you will regret doing later on. Mind avoids any pain or discomfort that comes in its way.

Your mind is designed to limit you. It will always run away from the effort. Seeking short-term pleasures is the only goal of the mind. Now when you listen to your mind, you are limiting yourself.

Your Mind Is Skillful in Convincing You to Do the Easy Things

When it comes to choosing between easy and challenging choices, your mind starts to negotiate with you on making a decision. It puts forward all the reasons to choose the easy option, and when you participate in the negotiation, your mind wins.

So eventually, you choose the easy option only to regret it later on.

You get angry and decide not to do it again. You say, “Next time I am going to lead the conversation with the mind.”

The following situation comes, and your mind begins the negotiation. You manage to control yourself and, for the time being, not choose the option your mind suggests due to past regrets but later on, you eventually lose because your mind is so powerful in the negotiation with you.

This pattern goes on and on.

Don’t Negotiate With Your Mind

The solution to living a life of fewer regrets is to not participate in the negotiation with the mind.

The moment you respond to whatever messages your mind tries to give you. You are already at the risk of losing the negotiation and choose the easy option your mind suggests.



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