Work 1% More

If you are a couch potato, your 1% could be leaving the couch and going out for a walk

Muhammad Fazal


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At this very moment — while you are reading this story — there is still a chance to improve your life by 1%.

Maybe you are not good at keeping relationships healthy, but you can buy flowers on your way back home.

You might not get time for an intense workout, but you can walk.

I know that drinking enough water in a day is hard for you, but you can still drink one more glass of water right now.

Just Think 1% Improvement

Despite your busy schedule and numerous responsibilities, you can still make 1% progress in your dreams.

When you focus on the day, the months and years will take care of themselves. Similarly, the entire day will take care of itself when you focus on the moment.

Maybe life is hard on you, and that is true.

Life does get hard on us, but still, we can’t blame it because nobody cares how hard life was on us.

They see the result.

Olympics judges don’t care whether the contestant’s mother died or his father is the richest man alive. They see how the individual performs.

No matter what happens life still leaves some space for 1% improvement in something.

That 1% improvement is totally in your control.

You can’t question it.

No matter how busy we are, there is always a time to take the stairs to the first floor and then take elevators.

We always have time and space to put filled water bottles in our vehicles, office tables, and in-home.

The mindset of improving your life just 1% more is the ultimate and easiest way to improve our lives and prepare for future obstacles.

Little but daily training is better than being stagnant.

Be 1% better than yesterday.

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