Worry Is as Useful as It’s Useless — I’m Sure You Have Never Seen Worry Like This Before

Worry has two parts; keep one but throw away the other

Muhammad Fazal


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I was yawning while I was worried about not fulfilling my dreams.

“Are you stupid?” That’s what I also told myself. “Things are falling apart, and you are yawning?” A side of my brain triggered between this dialogue, and a smart voice came. I know how to cope with worry.

That voice is compelling me to write this article. So here is what that voice says, “Worry comes with two things with it. One is to bring sense of urgency which is absolutely necessary to be successful in anything in life and the other part is the most useless stuff that you have to avoid at all costs.”

Let’s understand it in detail.

Worry Is Like a Factory That Builds Tesla Cars

Tesla cars contribute to climate control, but manufacturing one consumes fossil fuels, which again affects climate change.

So the factory that builds Tesla cars is producing both useful and useless outcomes. On the one hand, it builds cars which prevent the production of greenhouse gasses; on the other hand, it also produces greenhouse gasses.

Worry is the same; It comes with both profit and loss. It comes for our benefit and disadvantage as well. Embracing it with open arms is not a rational choice.

So keep the tesla car with you and avoid the pollution that comes with it.

Worry Is Your Most Innocent Friend

First of all, understand why worry has come to you? It has come to tell you that you have to take action.

So if you have not gotten a job yet and are worried about being jobless, the worry is trying to tell you that you have to make more effort and take necessary actions.

It’s your friend. It has no intentions to snatch your sleep, smile, happiness, or anything else. All it wants from you is to stay up to date by taking continuous actions.

So give worry what it wants. Use it for your good. It doesn’t mind if you take its advantage. It’s the most loyal friend of…



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