You Are Easily Hurt Because You Are Weak

Learn to be strong and stubborn

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readMar 21, 2022


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When the words that come out of other people’s mouths can affect you and change your mood, know that you are weak.

The strong person knows that it’s totally up to the individual whether he allows someone to hurt him mentally or not.

Suffering starts from the mind; even when you are physically hurt, the mind makes you feel the pain in that particular body part.

So when I’m talking about the hurt, it’s not about the physical pain, but it’s about the mental suffering.

Our goal is to build a strong mind that can easily ignore the harmful stuff.

Let’s begin.

How Often Do You Sit With Yourself

How do we build strength?

Let’s say you want to build muscles and gain weight, so what is the first thing you will require? Knowledge and understanding.

Similarly, we must understand how our mind works. Only when we know the nature of the mind will we make strategies to build strengths.

So how do you understand your mind?

Before I tell you the answer, let me ask another question. How do you understand people? By sitting with them and spending time with them.

The same strategy applies to the mind.

You have to sit with yourself and observe your mind. How does it work? What does it crave the most? Why does it seek pleasures that it knows will create bad feelings?

Things will begin to open up for you when you sit intending to understand the mind.

Take out some time for your mind.

Practice Stubbornness in The Mind

You do not have to fight with the things out of your control, such as people, weather conditions, or unwanted situations.

You can hardly do anything on the outside.

Your goal should be conquering the battles that go inside your mind. Fight with the irrational anger, the feeling of frustration, and sadness on petty matters.

The real warrior is the one who…



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