You Are Unconsciously Alive, and That Has Cost You Things You Can’t Pay for

Consciousness is the key to avoiding regrets

Muhammad Fazal
4 min readNov 29, 2021


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Can I count you in the people who bent their heads down toward their phones when waiting for someone or something?

Are you among those who say it as the new semester starts, “This time I will study prior exams.” But you keep on procrastinating preparations and assignments like before.

Do you scold or scream at your spouse or child without filtering initial irrational thoughts?

If yes, then you are unconsciously alive.

Beware: Many people are topsoil today, living their entire life unconsciously.

Don’t delay, don’t believe in the idea that you are never too late.

The truth: Some things, if not engaged on time, ignore you forever.

Consciousness Is the Key to Avoiding Regrets

Awareness of the unconscious is the ultimate consciousness

Your rational thinking shuns when you perform an activity that leads to regrets.

The emotional side of the brain hijacks all powers to think when you indulge in pleasures.

You think either I get this pleasure or I die.

The rest of the story is self-explanatory — you indulge in pleasures, get high, and regret what you have done, and so on.

Now, what if you become aware when you feel an adrenaline rush in your body to grab that cupcake?

What if you do not control but be aware of what you are doing at the moment of indulging in pleasures?

Key phrase: Your absolute awareness in the moment of seeking pleasure is enough to hold you someday and make a decision to change your life forever.

You might be thinking that you are already aware, you precisely know what you are doing, and it’s is wrong, but no, you aren’t aware.

Awareness shuts down, you see, but you go blind; your brain processing powers malfunction when you seek pleasures.



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