There Is One Problem You Can Never Solve Through Thinking

You’ve to act without mind

Muhammad Fazal


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Thinking is what distinguishes human beings from other creatures as superior.

Thinking is what we are. Without thinking, we are powerless. The ability to ponder over problems and bring innovation is what we are proud of as human beings.

Right? Absolutely.

But, like many powerful things in this world. Thinking comes with its disadvantages. What will you do if you are in your office and a fire alarm rings? Will you think or run outside the building without thinking for a second?

I’m sure. You will choose the latter option. Thinking sometimes becomes the reason for death (Well, not always, but yes, it does in this scenario).

What if I say that thinking in those moments of taking action makes us fail to accomplish things?

What if I say that you are making a mistake when you think you should brush your teeth and floss your teeth before going to sleep?

What if I say that when you think about whether you should go for a run or sleep a few more minutes in the morning, is what makes you a failure?

Let’s come to the point

Thinking is a powerful thing. A blessing for humans. But only if you know where to use it.

If you think you should keep your phone aside and sleep now because it’s 10:00 PM already, you will end up sleeping by 1:00 AM.

Stop thinking. Never let your mind participate in the matter. Take speed. Be like that rocket that gets out of gravity with force. Just put your phone away with the speed of light so quickly that your mind has no time to think about it.

Throw the thinking mind away and do the right f*cking thing. Do not think in those moments when you know that the time is right for action. And when you see what the right thing to do is.

You can not solve the problem of procrastination by thinking. People sleeping in the cemetery had tried and wasted their potential.

You don’t die like this. Stop thinking about what’s right. You know what’s right. Could you do it? That’s the only point in your life where you should not get help from the mind. Be conscious at that moment; Take the pace. Take action immediately without letting the mind interfere.

If you want to succeed and overcome procrastination, that knowledge is enough. Good Luck.



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