You Do Not Necessarily Have to Be a Morning Person to Be Successful

It’s okay if you wake up late; Take full responsibility for your day at whatever time you open your eyes from sleep

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readMar 11, 2022


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Who has the most demanding job in the world? A soldier.

But not every soldier has to wake up early. Some sleep in the day to stay awake at night and protect the frontiers with careful attention.

Waking up early has less to do with your success. Do not make it as an excuse.

You cannot do worthwhile things with your life because you are not acting in the times when your eyes open and you are awakened.

Get proper sleep and act without any excuses when you are awakened.

Do Not Let It Snatch the Energy and Motivation To Work

If you want to wake up early in the morning, do it. But do not make it an excuse not to take control of the rest of the time you got.

CEOs spend sleepless nights; creative people work late at night, writers get ideas in the silence of empty rooms, often contemplating in the late-night dim lights of the lamps.

Success is not bound to the morning routines. Sure mornings come with their songs. It has its perks, but late nights also bring some life-changing ideas.

It also depends on the requirement of the job you do. It depends on what suits you better and aligns with your end goal.

Not everybody wants the same things from life.

So you do not let the thought of not being able to wake up early in the morning snatch all the energy required to work in times when you awaken, no matter how late.

Just take control of whatever time you got.

Morning and Night Both Are Illusions

The sky is all black. In space, there is nothing called morning.

The point is that every time can be owned. The mindset that stops us from controlling our time is that we mistake waking up…



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