You Don’t Know How Far You Can Go

You don’t know what your true potential is

Muhammad Fazal


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It’s easy to see and believe that human being is limitless.

Numerous examples are available in this world. Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Wright Brothers, and so on. People have done things that we couldn’t even imagine in the past.

But wait. Despite knowing everything. Why are we still not able to do it?

Do we give up while running only one mile? Why do we give up while writing just 500 words a day? Why are we limiting ourselves?

What is stopping us despite knowing that a human being is limitless?

There Is a Difference Between Knowledge and Experience

You are just knowledgeable about the world’s great performers and achievers. But you have never experienced how to be limitless.

You can only explain or write an entire book on what a lava cake tastes like, but you have never experienced it yourself.

You have never worked hard on the level of those top achievers, and that is why you still give up easily.

Once you not only know, but experience how limitless you are as a human being, living an average life will make you unhappy. You will be the enemy of comfort once you know what you are missing.

So how to experience it?

Here Is How to Experience It

Push it even when you know that you can’t do it further.

Great things are always found in the mundane and easy formulas and ideas.

It’s quite apparent. Probably you know it. You know that when it becomes difficult, the greatness is in pushing forward despite knowing it’s very difficult.

But you never do it. Why? You will always push forward because you wait for some words or formulas that can rewire your brain.

Let me tell you; it’s never going to happen. You have to push it hard despite all odds. That’s the secret of their success. Top achievers push forward whether they feel…



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