You Have the Power to Fight Any Obstacle

I repeat any obstacle

Muhammad Fazal


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Are you afraid of what people will say about you? Or is it an addiction that you want to overcome?

Do you think that your problems are unsolvable?

Whatever your thoughts are about your problems, I want to remind you that you are bigger than your problems.

Nothing in this world has been more significant than human potential.

You have the powers that are uniquely gifted to you.

You can solve any problem; it’s just you are being lazy and uncertain deliberately.

You can free yourself from any situation. Want evidence?

Do you remember studying a particular subject in your college and thinking about how tough is it? You think you can’t do it.

But guess what? Now you are here, and you have done that. You have won it. That problem that seemed like a big mountain was crushed into dust.

Like this, every problematic situation has an end. It’s just you have to keep going and have to find a way to reach that end.

Life is that simple. Just keep going. You have the powers to endure and attack.

Obstacles Are Gifts

It takes more energy to resist solving a problem than actually solving it.

Obstacles, however, they seem unattractive, bring with them the opportunity to know what you are made of.

When you don’t want obstacles in your life, it means you don’t want growth and newness.

You are resisting the adventures and rewards an obstacle brings with itself.

It’s that obstacle in front of you waiting to be taken as a stepping stone to bring more adventures in your life.

People who don’t have obstacles in their lives have low-quality pleasures and nothing worthwhile to do.

People who live a life of meaning, purpose, and satisfaction have more significant obstacles than those who live an average life.

Undoubtedly obstacles are challenging to overcome, but that toughness, once it gets overcome…



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