You Will Always Have an Excuse, but You Will Always Have a Choice Too

No one is to be blamed other than you

Muhammad Fazal


Photo by Zhang Kenny on Unsplash

Maybe your household chores are unbearable, perhaps you are a mother of two, or perhaps it’s too hot where you live; whatever that may be, you’ve got the freedom to choose.

To choose to act or to whine and complain. Excuses will never fade away from life. Why? Because your mind doesn’t want to work.

The mind will never tell you to do difficult things. It fears taking responsibility. It will always find a reason not to do the work. And so, it will always create excuses.

So if you are paying attention to the excuses, you will never begin to do the work in the first place.

Commit Fiercely

Daily life challenges may not be the question of life or death. Doing the dishes is not or die situation.

But still, we require the determination of a soldier who fights for his country. Who sacrifices the most important thing to any human being: life.

Again daily life challenges are not that demanding, but still, we have to commit fiercely. There should be a situation in our lives where we do not listen to the fears and excuses that the mind wants to throw at us.



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