Your Breathing Pattern Can Fight Fear

The slower your breathing pattern, the better

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readApr 28, 2022


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Do you notice your breathing pattern when anxious, angry, or upset? It’s quick and shallow.

On the other hand, when you are sleeping, happy, peaceful, and spending time with your close ones, your breathing pattern is slow and deep.

But not every time external factors define your breathing pattern.

You can also turn the most neutral, boring, and silent moments of your life into the most blissful experiences just by deliberately changing your breathing pattern from fast to slow, from shallow to deep.

Fears Will Vanish With the Air You Inhale

Fears hijack our minds. They never give a chance to your mind to bring you back to the present moment. They keep you engaged with the thoughts of worry and future problems.

Fears turn from the happiest moods into sadness; They make worse imaginations worst. They rob us of the opportunity to bring our best forward at this moment.

They never allow you to regain your focus and consciousness. So how to deal with it? A right breathing pattern can help.

Try this: The moment you feel any fear, start inhaling the oxygen in your belly. Expand your stomach like a balloon. Fill the air in your belly. Do it continuously for a few minutes, and you will see the deep inhale and exhale, vanishing the thoughts of fear.

Fear Comes to Help You Make The Strategy

Sure, having a fear of losing your money, job, business, and other kinds of fears do help you.

How? They tell you that you have to make a strategy. Fears make you aware that something is not going right in your life, and you have to consciously be aware of it and make a plan against it.

The fear of the neighbor’s armed forces becoming stronger than you is a kind of fear that you should have. The fear of losing the battle is also necessary.

Complete freedom from fears is not possible. But there should be a way to tackle the fear.

Here is how you can tackle the fear wisely



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