Your Expectations Must Not Exceed the Level of Your Actions

Here is the reason why expectations hurt

Muhammad Fazal
3 min readMar 20, 2022


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People overconfidently expect more than the amount of work they put into things.

We all have prayed for exams we knew would be tough to crack. We expect scores that we deep down know that we do not deserve, and that thing hurts when it goes against our expectations.

Expectations do hurt when they are unrealistic.

When you expect your spouse to respect you while being harsh on her and misbehaving with her, that expectation will always hurt you.

First, put the action and then expect according to the level of the intensity of the action you performed.

Expect according to the level of your actions, and you will never be hurt.

Here Is the Reason Why Expectations Hurt

When you are busy creating things and taking severe actions, you will consider expectations a waste of time.

Without being hurt, a beautiful way to expect is to give all your energies, attention, time, and resources to building things and taking action.

It’s pretty apparent that your health will get affected when you are not running and continuously eating unhealthy food.

Similarly, you must expect according to your actions when you are preparing for an exam, learning a new language, or communicating with some stranger.

The time you have put into creating your craft or skill better has to define the level of expectations, not the emotional side of the mind.

Be grounded and realistic when you expect.

Better Not to Expect Anything

Expectation will always hurt because, knowingly or unknowingly, we will expect more from others.

No matter how poor our preparation and performances go, we will expect more than we deserve because of optimistic thinking.

We always like to fool ourselves and give ourselves false hopes that keep us alive and active in the game of life because without that…



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