Your Failures Are Your Fuel

Use them to be better in your next attempt

Muhammad Fazal


Photo by Erik Mclean from Pexels

Michael Phelps said in an interview that he never forgot the moment of loss while train for winning future races.

He said that the moment of losing was vivid in my mind because I wanted to remind myself that I didn’t have to experience this feeling again.

That feeling of failure became the reason for him to work hard.

Tim Dennings said something similar. He said his pain in the ass job became the reason for writing every day and being consistent.

The setbacks, pitfalls, and obstacles come with a purpose.

It may seem that losing some jobs like it’s the end of the world. But that loss can be the reason to polish your skills and find a better job.

Memorize Your Failures to Avoid Procrastination

There is no room for procrastination when the memories of your past failures are residing in your mind.

You know how intensely insulting it was to let the people who believed in you down.

The delay is not a question when you know how bad and unattractive it is to fail.

Ironically, sometimes failure is inevitable because it is life. Some dimensions of life are not in your control.

But anyways, the world won’t listen whether you worked so hard or the war broke out. You failed, or you succeeded; that is what the world sees. That is it.

So keep the memories of the past failures alive in your mind to never let the regrets of not giving your best efforts and delaying things sneak into your life.

Failures Are Your Friends

Success doesn’t teach much. It is a distraction.

Failure, on the other hand, is raw and honest. It takes you to the zone where you are alone and experiencing the silence to see what you are and where you exist.

Failure is the soil where you sow the seeds of success. You can’t succeed without failure.



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